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Bambusa pervariabilis viridistriata

Bambusa vulgaris Wamin

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Species - Bambusa

BAMBUSA is a genus of tropical and subtropical clumping bamboo, usually giant, with numerous branches at a node, one or two much larger than the rest.

Bamboo Name  Max. Height Max. Dia. Min. Temp. Comments / Description
Bambusa emeiensis 35' 2.5" 24F

Introduced as Neosinocalamus affinis.  

Bambusa emeiensis cv. Chrysotrichus 35' 2.5" 24F

Young culms thickly covered with rusty setae and sparse pruinose. Introduced as Neosinocalamus affinis cv. Chrysotrichus.

B.emeiensis cv. Flavidorivens 35' 2.5" 24F

Light yellow culms with dark green striae. Tight clumping. Introduced as Neosinocalamus affinis cv. Flavidorivens.

B.emeiensis cv. Viridiflavus 35' 2.5" 24F

Culms erect with yellow stripes on one side of internodes, alternating 180 on each internode. Very unusual striping pattern. Introduced as Neosinocalamus affinis cv. Viridiflavus.

B.arnhemica 25' 4" 32F

From N.Territory, Australia, along water courses. Dense clumps, thick culms, short internodes, low branches. Edible shoots/timber

B.atra 25' 1.5" ?

Native to New Guinea, the Moluccas, and Sangihe Island. Often found on limestone. Thin-walled, tight clumping, reed-like shrub with large leaves/no low branching. Flowers nearly continuously, without dying. Related to B.forbesii - may be a Schizostachyum.

B.balcooa 60' 6" 18F

From India. Tangled clumps make harvest difficult. Strong, used for construction. crafts, edible shoots in Australia.

100' 7" 27F

A fast-growing species. Thick-walled, but soft. Lower branches are long, wiry, and armed with thorns. Edible shoots.

B.bashihirsuta 40' 3" ?

Erect, tight clumper.

50' 5" 15F

Culms with short internodes generally arch strongly and are covered with white powder when young. Edible shoots in demand. OLDER GENERATION INFECTED WITH MOSAIC POTEX VIRUS.

45' 4" 15F

Similar to the standard Beechey but there are no reports of the Mosaic Potex Virus.

B.bicicatricata 30' 3" ?

Thick-walled culms with convex joints.

B.bicitriatus 30' 2" ?

Thick culm wall.

B.blumeana 60' 4" 28F

A tall, thorny bamboo from India and Indonesia where it is used for construction, baskets, and edible shoots.

Bamboo Name  Max. Height Max. Dia. Min. Temp. Comments / Description
B.boniopsis 20' 1" ?

Thick-walled clumper with small leaves.

B.burmanica 50' 4" 32F

Dense clumps with thorny low branches.

B.cerosissima 20' 1" ?

Seems somewhat similar to B.textilis Gracilis but slightly smaller and with more powdery bloom on the new culms. Not in the U.S. as of 2004.

Blue Bamboo
30' 2" 21F

Thin-walled culms are covered with persistent, dense white bloom, giving them a pale blue appearance. This rare bamboo is currently much in demand.

B.chungii Barballata 20' 1.5" 21F

A smaller cultivar of the species. Grows to about 2/3 the size of the standard B.chungii.

B.cornigera 35' 3" ?

Culms zigzag, and internodes are slightly curved.

B.dissemulator 50' 3" 18F

Has thick-walled, arching or erect, tough-wooded culms, with very long and slender lower branches.

B.dissemulator albinodia 35' 2" 20F

Similar to the above but the white rings above and below the nodes are more pronounced.

B.dolichoclada 'Stripe' 65' 4" 20F

From Taiwan. Erect and tight-clumping. The culms and branches are yellowish-green and gradually turn pale yellow with persistent darker green stripes on the internodes. INFECTED WITH MOSAIC POTEX VIRUS.

B.dolichomerithalla 'Green stripe-stem' 35' 2" 15F

New light green culms change to yellow-green. Striped with dark green. Prone to sooty mold in S.Florida.

Bamboo Name  Max. Height Max. Dia. Min. Temp. Comments / Description
B.dolichomerithalla 'Silverstripe' 35' 2" 15F

Dark green culms with lower internodes occasionally striped with white.  This species is being tested to determine if it could actually be B.textilis albo-lineata as per McClure 1940.

B.edulis 65' 3" 20F

A Taiwan native with large green leaves.

B.eutuldoides 45' 2" 15F

Erect, thick-walled culms with thick and long main branches.

B.eutuldoides basistriata 45' 2" 15F

Similar to the above except culms are variegated.

B.eutuldoides viridi-vittata 40' 2" 15F

Yellow culms with varying dark green stripes.  New shoots have pink and peach tones. Some of the original stock was imported as Bambusa textilis Vittata.

16' 1.2" ?

Native to New Guinea and N.Australia. May be a Schizostachyum rather than a Bambusa.

40' 2.5" 15F

Culms thick-walled with nodding tips and zigzag lower portions. Lower branchlets specialized into tough thorns.

B.gibba 25' 2" 24F

Erect young culms covered with a white bloom.

B.gibboides 40' 3" ?


B.intermedia 40' 3" ?

Young culms dark green, sometimes with purplish streaks.

70' 4" 26F

Erect new green culms mature to shiny purple/black. Occasional stripes of green. One of the most striking of the tropical bamboos.

35' 3.5" 25F

Thick-walled culms slightly swollen at the base.

B.longispiculata 50' 4" 28F

Somewhat open, erect clump of ivory-striped green culms. All plants identified as such in Florida have been determined to be B.tulda.

B.luteostriata 30' 2"

Erect with full foliage on top. Young leaves variegated white/green. Culms green, intermittent white stripes.

50' 3"

From Bali; local name pring tutul. Splotchy culms when mature. Used for furniture making.

B.malingensis 35' 2.5" 20F

More salt tolerant than most bamboos. Tight clumps with fine grained wood. Branches are slender; small leaves.

35' 1.5" 12F

Each node bears a large number of branches down to the culm base. All multiplexes are prone to sooty mold in S. Florida.

Bamboo Name  Max. Height Max. Dia. Min. Temp. Comments / Description
'Alphonse Karr'
35' 1.5" 12F

Culms and branches are bright yellow with irregular, longitudinal,   narrow, dark green stripes. New shoots and culms are often reddish.

'Green Alphonse'
35' 1.5" 12F

Similar to Alphonse Karr, but the culms and branches are light green with dark green stripes.

'Alphonse Karr Midori'
35' 1.5" 12F

Culms green with yellow stripes

20' .5" 12F

Usually small in size with 10 to 20 closely spaced, two ranked leaves. Unstable; often reverts to the larger leaves.

'Golden Goddess'
12' .75" 12F

A dwarf form similar to Fernleaf but with larger leaves. The culms tend to be yellowish.

35' 1.5" 12F

Mature green culms have a gold stripe that bleeds into the green.

B.multiplex riviereorum
6' .25" 2

Solid culms and tiny leaves; similar to Fernleaf but smaller, more delicate looking. This form appears stable.

45' 1.5" 12F Many leaves have white stripes and some culms are also striped with white. Largest of the B.multiplex group.
'Stripestem Fernleaf'
12' .5" 12F

Similar to Fernleaf except that the culms are reddish or yellowish, striped with green.

'Tiny Fern'
3' 1/8" 12F

A dwarf form of riviereorum with leaves often less than 1" long.

B.multiplex 'Tiny Fern striped' 3' 1/8" 12F

Same as Tiny Fern, but with striped culms.

20' 3/4" 12F

Culms droop or arch strongly with small, narrow leaves.

B.mutabilis 23' 2" 22F

A moderate sized tropical native to Hainan Island, China. Young culms covered with a thin layer of white powder.
The species that is widely distributed in Florida as B.mutabilis is actually a beautiful B. textilis variety that will grow to 40' tall. The true B.mutabilis is not in the U.S. as of 2004.

Bamboo Name  Max. Height Max. Dia. Min. Temp. Comments / Description
B.nutans 40' 3" 25F

The culms have a white ring below the nodes.

55' 4" 22F

The culms are straight and erect with relatively short branches forming fairly open clumps. Culm walls are thick, but soft.

B.oldhamii f. revoluta 55' 4" 22F

Yellow stripes on the culms on an otherwise standard oldhamii.

B.oliveriana 45' 2" 32F

Densely clumping with thick-walled, glossy green culms.

B.pachinensis 33' 2.5" 20F

Medium size with yellowish culms. It resembles B.textilis.

B.pervariabilis 45' 2.5" 20F

Erect, thick-walled culms with yellow stripes in the lower internodes.

B.pervariabilis viridistriata 45' 2.5" 20F Similar to the above but much more highly variegated. An extremely attractive tropical bamboo. New shoots are yellow with green stripes maturing to yellow/gold with varying dark green stripes.

B.sp. 'polymorpha' 65' 6" ?

Green culms densely covered with grayish-white silky hair; branches short, slender, dense. ID uncertain.

B.remotiflora 40' 3" ?

New shoots are purple.

B.rigida 40' 2.5" ?

Erect, tight clumper. New culms are covered with white waxy powder.

B.rutila 35' 2.5 ?

Thick-walled zigzag culms with swollen nodes and drooping tips. Thorny.

70' 5" 20F

A thorny bamboo with rather small leaves and interlaced low thorny branches. An impenetrable security hedge.

B.stenostachya 70' 6" 36F

Basal internodes almost solid. Thorny. Culm sheaths persistent. Useful in construction.

B.subtruncata 16' 2" ?

Yellowish green longitudinal streaks on lower internodes. Similar pattern to G.maxima.

40' 2" 13F

Tight clumps. An extremely handsome plant that arches gracefully. The thin-walled culms are used for weaving. All of the textilis varieties make excellent hedges/screens when planted in rows. There are many seedling varieties of textilis. See below for some examples.

B.textilis albo-striata
30' 2" 15F

Same as above except culms are white-striped in irregular longitudinal

B.textilis glabra 25' 1" 15F

A slightly more open clumper than the type.  Random bluish-white bloom. Overall size about the same as Gracilis. Culms glabrous (smooth).

B.textilis gracilis 23' 1" 15F

Culms more slender than the typical B.textilis; nodding top.  Graceful foliage. Makes an excellent hedge or screen.

B.textilis cv. Maculata 25' 1" 15F

Tight clumper, about 2" between culms. Very erect culms. Base of shoot sheaths have purple streaks.

Bamboo Name  Max. Height Max. Dia. Min. Temp. Comments / Description
B.textilis Scranton 40' 2" 15F

Distinct appearance. This textilis variety has very short branches giving it a unique feature on an otherwise standard form. Originated from S. Scranton's cultivar.

B.textilis Kanapaha
Royal Bamboo, Wong Chuk
50' 2 " 15F

This is the variety of Bambusa textilis growing at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens in Gainesville, FL. Straight canes with long internodes have a whitish bloom. Very rare and highly sought-after. The largest textilis.

B.textilis "Vittata" 25' 1" 13F

Originally misidentified.  This non-species has been re-identified as Bambusa eutuldoides viridi-vittata.

B.tulda 70' 4" 27F

The large, straight, thick-walled culms are one of the most useful of any tropical bamboo grown in the U.S.

B.tulda striata 70' 4" 27F

Same as above but with striped culms.

55' 2" 15F

Similar to B.tulda but not as large and more hardy. It produces a large number of thick-walled culms growing in a tight clump.

B.tuldoides Clone X  65' 2.5" 15F

Vigorous large clumper with dark green culms. Extremely thick-walled culms with a slight zigzag and whitish bloom.

B.tudoides  'Ventricosa'
20' 2" 15F

The same species as B.tuldoides, however it becomes a dwarf w/swollen internodes when grown in pots under dry conditions.

B.tuldoides 'Kimmei' 45' 2" 15F

Similar to B.tuldoides, but with yellow culms striped w/green.

B.variegata 10' 0.6" ?

Grown in gardens in Malaysia; origin and taxonomy unclear. Culms green, arch slightly. Leaves green with white stripes. Has been sold as Arundinaria suberecta.

B.variostriata 35' 3" ?

New shoots covered with bloom. Culms have white stripes. Useful and edible.

60' 5" 27F

Common throughout the tropical world. Open clump, culms spaced a foot or two apart. Culms root easily.

B.vulgaris maculata 50' 4" 27F

B.maculata above (same species).

B.vulgaris 'Tricolor 50' 4" 27F

Some culms golden yellow and some light green, with dark green stripes.

B.vulgaris 'Vittata'
50' 4" 27F

Similar to above, golden yellow culm with green vertical stripes that look like drip marks.

B.vulgaris 'Vittata Medium" 25' 2" 27F

Similar to above but reported to reach half the normal height.

B.vulgaris 'Wamin' 16' 3" 27F

Dwarf with short and swollen lower internodes.

B.vulgaris 'Wamin striata' 16' 3" 27F

Similar to above. Green culms striped w/dark green.


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