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Bambusa pervariabilis viridistriata

Bambusa vulgaris Wamin

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Species - Chusquea

CHUSQEUA is a genus of American bamboo that contains about 200 species, mostly clumping mountain bamboos. The solid culms usually bear one dominant branch and numerous branchlets at mid-culm nodes.

Bamboo Name Max. Height Max. Dia. Min. Temp. Comments / Description
C."breviglumis" Hort. 20' 1" 0F

An unidentified species, formerly sold as C.breviglumis, closely allied to C.culeou. Many branches per node; one to three dominant. New shoots are red.

C.circinata 22' 1" 25F

Arching culms. From central and southern Mexico.

C.coronalis 23' " 25F

A clumping bamboo with numerous tiny leaves on branchlets that encircle the culms.

C.culeou 15' 1" 0F

Hardy clumper from southern Chile, long cultivated in Europe. Has many branches per node, all equal in size.

C.cumingii 12' " 32F

Native to semiarid central Chile. Coastal range on exposed slopes. Sometimes clambering. Numerous tiny stiff leaves. May withstand light frost.

C.liebmannii 33' 1" 32F

Culms strongly arching, sometimes clambering. Lower nodes encircled by root thorns. From Mexico & Costa Rica.

C.macrostachya 15' " 0F

Native to southern Chile where it grows at elevations up to 3000 feet.

C.mimosa australis ? " 28F

From southern Brazil. Small leaves on stiff branches.

C.sp. "nigricans" 15' " 0F

Native to southern Chile where it grows near sphagnum peat bogs.

C.pittieri 50' 2" 22F

The culms grow up then arch over and hang down or climb on trees. One of the largest species of the genus.

C.simpliciflora 50' 3/8" 32F

This trailing bamboo climbs and hangs from surrounding vegetation.

C.uliginosa 15' " 0F

Native to southern Chile.

C.valdiviensis 80' 1" 0F

A climbing bamboo from southern Chile, formerly sold as C.quila. Climbs to reach the light.

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