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Bambusa pervariabilis viridistriata

Bambusa vulgaris Wamin

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Species - Guadua

GUADUA is a genus of tropical, clumping, thorny bamboo native to the new world (S.America), similar to Bambusa.

Bamboo Name  Max. Height Max. Dia. Min. Temp. Comments / Description
G.amplexifolia 60' 4" 28F

Short internodes, semi-solid in lower culm.

G.angustifolia 100' 8" 30F

The largest of the Guaduas.  Culms used for construction. Grows to at least 70' & 6.5" dia. in S.Florida.

G.angustifolia 'Bicolor' 100' 8" 30F

Similar to the above, but green culms have large yellow stripes.

'Less Thorny'
100" 8" 30F

Similar to G.angustifolia, but with significantly fewer and smaller thorns.

G.chacoensis 85' 7" ?

A large, woody, thorny, green bamboo with erect culms. From Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil. Frequently confused with G.angustifolia. May grow taller than listed

G.velutina 60' 4" 28F

Similar to G.amplexifolia. Culms thick-walled but not solid. New shoots have beautiful maroon culm sheaths which cling to the lower internodes.

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