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Bambusa pervariabilis viridistriata

Bambusa vulgaris Wamin

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Species - Schizostachyum

Schizostachyum is a tall or shrub-like tropical. Clumping, sometimes climbing. Nodes are usually un-swollen, culm walls thin. Continuously produce flowers without dying. Rarely sets seed.

Bamboo Name  Max. Height Max. Dia. Min. Temp. Comments / Description
S.brachycladum (yellow form) 45' 3" ?

Yellow with green stripes. Erect and tight clumping.

45' 3" ?

Culm green with narrow darker green longitudinal striae. Persistent culm sheath. 

S.glaucifolium 65' 4" ?

Vivid, dark green stripes on erect lime green culms.

S.hainanense 16' 1" ?

Long internodes. Branches long and slender. Top drooping or scandent.

S.jaculans 30' 1" 39 F

Erect culms are tight clumping. Internodes can be over 3 feet long. It seldom flowers. May be synonym for S.lima.

S.lima 40' 3" ?

Erect culms with very long internodes and drooping tips. Green with yellow stripes.

S.lumampao 55' 3" ?

Philippine native. Culms are straight and thin-walled with no low branching.

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