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Bambusa pervariabilis viridistriata

Bambusa vulgaris Wamin

 American Bamboo Society/ Florida Caribbean Chapter

Tropical Bamboo.Org

Welcome to  Http://wwwTropical Bamboo.org .
 The membership and dues have been changed. We will be contacting members in the near future to verify and update contact information for upcoming  meetings and publications. This site will be given a slight overhaul with the addition of newer mediums like face book and Twitter.

Florida Caribbean Chapter of the American Bamboo Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to gaining knowledge and educating the public on bamboos, with emphasis on research and preservation and propagation of endangered species and the uses of bamboo for construction, artistic  and utilitarian applications.

This website is being maintained to emphasize tropical, clumping bamboo species that thrive in Florida (zones 9-11) and the uses of bamboo. Our Species Table is derived from the ABS source list but lists no temperate, running bamboo. For a full species listing and for more information on the American Bamboo Society and other chapters, please visit the main ABS website.

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American Bamboo Society: Florida-Caribbean Chapter

If you have any comments, questions, or information, please EMAIL  me. I am very interested in connecting with members new and old and I look forward to any ideas that help create a new direction for the FCC/ABS. My Name is Will Pierson and I have been an avid collector and aficionado of bamboo for many years. My specialty is construction and the uses of bamboo especially Guadua Angustifolia, however I plan on working to improve and update this site on the subject of tropical bamboo species and adding information about bamboo as a construction material. Great thanks to Robert Saporito for the tremendous work he put into this resource and we will welcome his guidance in the future.   Please  see our Bamboo Q & A page for questions about bamboo in specific areas of Florida.

William H.Pierson, President FCC/ABS 305 342 9426

Upcoming Events

October 10 through 13, 2013:
The 2013 American Bamboo Society Annual Conference
will be held at Mounts Botanical Garden in West Palm Beach, Florida.


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