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Bambusa pervariabilis viridistriata

Bambusa vulgaris Wamin

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Species - Gigantochloa

GIGANTOCHLOA is a genus of giant, tropical, clumping bamboo similar to Bambusa.

Bamboo Name  Max. Height Max. Dia. Min. Temp. Comments / Description
G.albociliata 35' 2" 30F

Shrubby. The fully grown culm often bends down to the ground. Large branches at base. smaller near tip.

G.apus 65' 4" 27F

This Java native has large leaves and thick-walled culms which are densely hairy when young. Clump growth is fairly open, with culms erect or arching above.

40' 3" 28F

Tight clumping at the base - open at the top. New culms turn black within one year, displaying irregular green vertical stripes. Edible shoots. A highly sought after tropical bamboo species in South Florida.

G.atter 70' 8" 28F

Culms erect, straight and easily worked. Edible shoots.

G.levis 45' 5" 28F

Young culm densely covered with brown or white tomenta, turning whitish gray when full grown.  Edible shoots.

G.hasskarliana 30' 2.5" 28F

From west Indonesia. Dense with large leaves.

syn. G.verticillata
80' 6" 28F

Tight clumping erect, long internodes, nodding apically. Often yellow-striped on lower culm internodes. Usually branchless for twenty or more joints. Edible shoots.

var. minor

45' 4" 28F

Culms highly variegated with cream colored stripes. Until recently, this smaller variety of G.pseudoarundinacia was somehow referred to as G.maxima in Florida.

G.robusta 60' 3.5"  

Large, erect, and strong.  From Java and Sumatra. Used for pipes, construction, handicrafts, shoots. Yellow stripes near base.

G.sumatra 30' 2" 28F

Lavender stripes on the new culms. When mature, the stripes fade and the culms turn a burnt orange color. Good container pant. Erect and neat.

G.wrayii 35' 3" 30F

Culms with long internodes are erect or arching outwards. Sometimes yellow-striped on lower internodes.

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